Pier Paolo Pasolini / Riprese Reprises Retakes

“PPP/RRR: Pier Paolo Pasolini/ Riprese, Reprises, Retakes” is an event co-organized by Concordia University, UQAM in Montreal and Saint-Paul University in Ottawa to commemorate the hundred-year anniversary of Pasolini’s birth through a series of screenings, artist-talks, and an academic conference. The aim is to reflect on Pasolini’s legacy and its influence on a new generation of artists, scholars, critics and audiences; on the impact of his archives on film and media scholarship; and on reappropriations and misappropriations of his work by different cultural groups, from new queer communities to conservative movements. We are also interested in explorations of Pasolini’s own unfinished projects, such as, among others, his scripts, his novel Petrolio, his translations and his adaptations.

The conference will be held on September 28th-30th in Montreal and on October 1st in Ottawa. A curated series of screenings will take place at Cinémathèque Québécoise in Montreal on September 8th – October 4th.